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Cosmetic Surgery Around The UK

The UK's Relationship With Cosmetic Surgery

These collection of maps highlight the popularity of three procedures; breast augmentation (boob jobs), rhinoplasty (nose jobs) and weight loss surgery, around the UK

We plucked a sample of over 60,000 procedure requests we received this year from our database, drilled in to where these requests were coming from and uncovered some interesting results.

Birmingham takes the crown as the most cosmetic-surgery-hungry area of the UK, with over 1000 procedures being requested this year alone.

You can also view these as separate maps:

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Scouse Boob Jobs

Liverpool leads the UK in boob job requests with 145 procedures being requested seeing off competition from a whole host of Northern cities including Leeds and Glasgow.

Croydon took the crown as the ‘Boob Job Capital Of London’ with the borough being home to 80 requests this year. This table shows the ranking for all London boroughs.

Obesity Surgery Hotspots

As the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) once again nudged the NHS in the direction of weight loss surgery Birmingham, Glasgow and Leeds took the top three spots for private bariatric surgery requests.

Brummie Nose Jobs

Birmingham was the home to the largest number of nose job requests in the UK helping to back its claim on the title of the ‘Cosmetic Capital of the UK’. The West Midlands hub was home to a whopping 51 requests this year, closely followed by Manchester and Glasgow in the rhinoplasty league table.

When it comes to the Capital, the North London borough of Barnet takes the top spot for Rhinoplasty procedure requests with Enfield and Tower Hamlets taking the 2nd and 3rd position.