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Top Beauty Bloggers To Watch Out For In 2014

If you’re balmy about beauty, we’ve got you covered.

At Clinic Compare, we’ve scoured the web to find the best beauty blogs that offer top reviews, news, tips and information. From nails to skincare, hair treatments and ethical beauty, we’ve rounded up some excellent online resources to make your search for the UK’s best beauty products a cinch.

Beauty Geek UK - @BeautyGeekUK

Sascha at Beauty Geek UK

Online for just two and half years, Beauty Geek UK has fast become a favourite for those interested in all things beauty, particularly skincare. The blog is run by London-based mother and Beauty Blogger Sascha, who frequently posts articles and information about treating problem skin types. You’ll find over 1000 posts on the topic of beauty, covering everything from treatments to skincare and the season’s top cosmetics.

Top Tip:

According to Sascha, nude make-up is making a big come back in 2014, but that doesn't necessarily mean kitting out your makeup bag with beige. “There are so many ways to do nude, such as a nude lip, eye or nail, or even just keeping all make-up clean, neutral and free from anything too bright,” she says. “There are pink and coral nudes for lips if you find traditional nudes too draining. The idea is to look polished rather than unhealthy!”

Hello Dollface - @HiDollface

Hello Dollface

If you’re passionate about green beauty products that are free from parabens, harsh chemicals and animal testing, you’ll find a wealth of information on Hello Dollface. This blog features the best in green, clean beauty, plus natural health and wellness tips. You’ll find a number of unbiased reviews about organic and cruelty-free products, as well as a number of posts about other aspects of beauty and health that all champion a “green”, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Top Tip:

Beauty blogger and Hello Dollface founder Cindy reveals that one of her favourite tips is using Activated Charcoal to whiten teeth. While this instagram picture during the treatment caused a stir, it was the bright white results afterwards that really got people talking!

The Beauty Brains - @TheBeautyBrains

Randy from The Beauty Brains

The Beauty Brains is written by a group of cosmetic scientists, and is dedicated to revealing the science behind your beauty routine. You can learn about what the chemicals used in cosmetics really do, get the scoop on product testing and become advertising-savvy through reading their helpful posts. Founded in 2006 by Perry Romanowski and Randy Schueller, the blog aims to educate and clarify commonly asked beauty questions in a way that’s simple to understand.

Top Tip:

Randy and Perry advise readers to be brainy about beauty. “Don't believe everything that beauty companies tell you, and make sure to do your own research. Be sceptical, ask questions and read ingredient lists!”

Beauty Junkie London - @BeautyJunkieLDN

Jen from Beauty Junkie London

Jen founded Beauty Junkie London back in 2009 in a self-professed “moment of boredom”, but the blog is anything but dull! You’ll find a hefty dose of product reviews, tried and tested tips as well as a few posts about London life, travel and fashion. Whether you’re on the hunt for the latest beauty product or are trying to track down an old favourite, chances are you’ll find it on Beauty Junkie London.

Top Tip:

Jen’s hot tip for 2014 is to focus on brows. “If 2013 was all about lipstick, then without a doubt 2014 is the year of the brow,” she says. “Wear them big or neatly threaded - whatever you prefer. Just get the shade right and get them filled to create the perfect frame for your face.”

British Beauty Blogger - @BritBeautyBlog

Jane Cunningham at British Beauty Blogger

Among the first beauty blogs to hit the UK, Britishbeautyblogger.com is still one of our firm favourites. Beauty writer Jane Cunningham launched the blog five years ago with a view to providing honest beauty reviews, including both pros and cons to help savvy shoppers get the biggest beauty bang for their buck. The blog is a mix of news, reviews, sneak peeks and swatches. Frequently updated with daily posts, Britishbeautyblogger.com is known for posting blogs with strong opinions and honest, no-holds barred reviews.

Top Tip:

According to Jane, pastels and nudes are the hues to watch out for on eyes and cheeks in 2014, leaving room for playful, bold colours on lips to make a style statement.

All Lacquered Up - @AllLacqueredUp

Michelle at All Lacquered Up

All Lacquered Up is run by nail fanatic Michelle Mismas, and has been voted among the best beauty blogs on the web by magazines like InStyle and Marie Claire. The blog is solely focused on nails, providing reviews about new products as well as news, tutorials and trends. The helpful Gallery features a numerous swatches so you can check out polishes by colour, or you can review polishes by season going as far back as 2007!

Top Tip:

When applying your favourite shade this year, make sure to wrap the tips with the polish (cap the free edge of your nail). Michelle reveals that this little-known beauty trick is frequently used in salons, and will help your manicure last that much longer as it helps prevent chipping.

Bois de Jasmin - @Boisdejasmin

Victoria at Bois De Jasmin

If you’re looking for a blog dedicated to all things perfume, bookmark Bois de Jasmin. This blog has posts about perfumes, fragrances and all things scented, and features news and interviews with industry experts. Perfume professional Victoria Frolova runs the site, which covers everything from recipes to reviews, and it even has a helpful Notes section explaining perfume basics and terminology for novices.

Top Tip:

Victoria recommends always applying perfume while fully dressed, giving it an opportunity to scent your clothing. This will help your fragrance remain strong throughout the day, as will applying directly on your skin on your collarbone, wrists and behind the knees.