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Cosmetic Surgery Trends For 2014

An Industry In Transition

Like any industry, the cosmetic surgery profession fluxes and changes with the times. The years pass, trends come and go and new technology facilitates more effective treatments. If you're considering cosmetic surgery this year, be it to slim down, turn back the hands of time or enhance your appearance, here's what to look out for in the coming year.

Cool For Cats

If you've never heard of fat freezing, say hello to one of this year's ‘trendiest’ treatments. Think of it as a less invasive form of liposuction. As its name would suggest, fat freezing involves cooling fatty deposits to close to freezing, whereupon they crystallise and are flushed from the body. Fat reduction of up to 25% is attainable, while treatment can be repeated as and when required. Don't choose fat freezing because it's in vogue – choose it because it works and yields lasting results. No needles, no scarring and minimal recovery time.

Coolsculpting in progress Coolsculpting in progress

The Liquid Facelift

Injectable fillers aren't new, but they're certain to continue their dominance this year as one of the industry's favourite wrinkle-busting treatments. Known as the 'liquid facelift', dermal fillers deliver many of the benefits bestowed by a conventional facelift but are less invasive. Fillers can be used to plump lips as well as softening creases and wrinkles. An increasing number of men and women are turning to ‘liquid face lifts’ –with instant results, minimal ‘down time’ the continuing trend for non-surgical facial rejuvenation is set to continue for years to come.

Top Injectable Fillers for 2014

  • Juvéderm (injectable Filler)
  • Teoysal Redensity
  • Uma Jeunesse
  • Sculptra (A collagen stimulator not filler).
Injectable filler in progress

Tighten Up

If you're looking to reduce wrinkles, an alternative option is skin tightening. This popular procedure tightens loose skin and eliminates sagging without the need for needles or surgery. The technique involves gently heating the skin, causing collagen bundles to contract and stimulating the growth of new collagen. A one-hour treatment can yield tangible results that will last for up to six months.

Top Skin Tightening Treatments For 2014

  • Dermalux LED Therapy Thermage.
  • EndyMed 3 Deep Pro.
skin tightening treatment in progress


A chin implant may not be top of your to-do list, though the procedure is currently doing the rounds amongst Hollywood starlets. Why? Probably because it's an effective means of balancing the face, adding definition and sharpening the profile. Perfect, then, for anyone with a weak or receding chin.

Lipo Without The Suction?

Lipotripsy is a non-invasive treatment, virtually pain free, that works by stimulating fat cells to breakdown, encouraging collagen to synthesise and lymphatic drainage, so it’s triple whammy treatment! It can be used to treat the arms, saddlebags, thighs, hips, ‘muffin top’ and abdomen. It is a radial wave therapy that has been clinically proven to redefine and help contour the body.

The end result is a slimming effect on the body. A must for those seeking a beach body this summer.

Hot Picks for 2014

Thread lift face lifts that have undergone revamps and refining such as ‘Silhouette Soft’ increase in demand as the trend for non-surgical face lifts increase.

‘Revance’ claims to be a the first topical ‘Botox’ without the use for needles, I am interested in seeing if this is finally approved in the USA by the FDA in 2014 and whether it really will be as effective as it’s injectable competitor.

Desiral from Stylage signals a brand new advent of dermal filler specifically designed for the rejuvenation of the intimate regions, I can see this becoming a popular treatment and alternative to more invasive forms of genital cosmetic surgery.

One of my favourites! Platelet Rich Plasma (Dracula Therapy as I like to call it along with Pioneer Dr. Daniel Sister) continues to be of significant interest in the field of facial rejuvenation, having seen a few celebrities in the media in 2013 jump on the band wagon of this popular treatment, I don’t see this procedure declining in popularity anytime soon.

We caught up with the pioneering doctor behind 'Dracula Therapy' Dr Daniel Sister who explained a little more about this revolutionary treatment:

"Rather than synthetic fillers, toxins or animal products, Dracula Therapy uses only plasma obtained from the patient’s own blood, so it’s impossible to have an allergic reaction. The growth factors in plasma were discovered in 1953, and the doctors responsible won the Nobel Prize for their work."

"These growth factors enable the body to heal faster and more efficiently. The treatment stimulates DNA repair, heals scars and makes dry lacklustre skin look and feel younger. It’s also used in other fields of medicine including dental, orthopedic, eye laser surgery, plastic surgery, heart surgery and, most commonly, to treat sports injuries."

Whatever your goals this year, seek a full consultation before undergoing cosmetic surgery. Complement this with regular exercise and healthy eating habits to make 2014 your prettiest, happiest year yet.

Antonia Mariconda

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