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Cost of Male Cosmetic Surgery Treatments

Male Cosmetic Surgery

Recent studies into cosmetic surgery procedures have shown that, when it comes to personal appearance, men have just as many concerns as women and cosmetic surgery clinics are experiencing a dramatic rise in male patients seeking a variety of plastic surgery procedures. One of the most popular treatments sought by men is the good old nose job or rhinoplasty, this is closely followed by liposuction, chin implants and laser hair treatment.

Higher Costs For Male Cosmetic Surgery

It may well seem unfair that men are expected to pay a higher fee for their surgery compared to women but there is good reason for the increased cost. The price of the surgery is determined by the time taken and, depending on which type of procedure is being performed, also the size of the male patient. When it comes to liposuction, the procedure can be much more difficult to perform on male patients due to the difference in the male fat cells. Male fat cells are of a completely different build up to those of female fat cells and tend to be much tougher and more fibrous. This means that it will take considerably more time on the surgeon’s part to completely break down the tougher fat cells and remove them. Laser hair treatment is a popular procedure with both men and women but again comes with a higher price tag for the male patient as males generally need treatment on much larger areas.

Popular Male Cosmetic Surgery Treatments and their Costs

With rhinoplasty, although the procedure is relatively straightforward, patients will be expected to stay in hospital overnight for observation. It will take at least three weeks after the surgery for the bruising and swelling to go down and could take a further six months for the new structure to settle into place. So patients undergoing this treatment should be prepared to wait a considerable length of time for their 'new' nose. A male patient can expect to pay anywhere from £3,000 upwards for this procedure. A fairly common liposuction procedure such as the removal of fat and fluids from the thighs and hips will not require an overnight stay unless more than two litres of fat have been removed. This procedure is relatively quick, although the patient will need to wear an elastic support garment for three weeks after the surgery. The cost of liposuction for male patients can be anything from £2,000 upwards. More and more men are looking towards chin implants to give them a more structured, manly jawline. The procedure involves positioning silicone implants along the jaw and costs £3,500 upwards.

Financing the Surgery

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to covering the costs of your required surgery, then there are finance options available which can be particularly helpful, especially if your procedure isn’t covered under your health insurance policy. Some hospital groups offer their own finance plans, but you will also find many reputable finance companies online and its well worth comparing a handful of these to get the best deals. A good finance company will offer a choice of repayment options and highly competitive rates, but it’s also a good idea to look out for the companies who offer interest free finance to help you save that little bit extra.