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How Many Pokémon Do You Need To Catch To Lose A Pound In Weight?

In case you hadn’t heard, Pokémon GO – the new virtual reality game from Nintendo –has been fairly popular of late. Or, to put it another way, it’s becoming one of the most enormous, stupendous trends in history, ever. Never mind the hype, the headline figures alone are incredible:

  • Over 20 million users and counting – the most popular game in mobile history, with more daily users than Twitter.
  • 43 minutes a day on the app – that’s how long users spend, and it’s more than on Whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat and Messenger.

It’s clearly an addictive pastime, however Pokémon GO has had another, far more positive side-effect.

It’s making people exercise.

Pikachu is helping millions to lose weight

Because the game forces you to rove around in search of Pokémon, the game has encouraged a huge increase in daily steps – with some people walking marathons in search of a high-prized catch.

Is this the new health revolution? Could it even be the answer to the obesity crisis?

To find out, we crunched the numbers and worked out how many Pokémon you need to catch to lose a pound of weight:

Male Female
Average US Weight (lb) 195 165
Calories burnt in 1 hour (Walking 3mph) 355 300
Calories burnt in 1 hour (Running 5mph) 709 600
Calories burnt in 1 hour (Running 6mph) 886 750
Calories burnt in 1 hour (Running 8mph) 1152 975
Hours to lose a pound (Walking 3mph) 10 12
Hours to lose a pound (Running 5mph) 5 6
Hours to lose a pound (Running 6mph) 4 5
Hours to lose a pound (Running 8mph) 3 4
Pokemon caught/hour (Walking 3mph) 30 30
Pokemon caught/hour (Running 5mph) 50 50
Pokemon caught/hour (Running 6mph) 60 60
Pokemon caught/hour (Running 8mph) 80 80
Pokemon caught/pounds lost (Walking 3mph) 296 350
Pokemon caught/pounds lost (Running 5mph) 247 292
Pokemon caught/pounds lost (Running 6mph) 237 280
Pokemon caught/pounds lost (Running 8mph) 243 287

Obviously it is unrealistic to expect people to sprint around town, smartphone in hand, just in search of Pokémon. You’d probably get hit by traffic. You’d certainly race past a Pikachu or two. So, for the average user, how long would it take to shift the weight?:

Calories/day Pokemon/day Days to lose a pound
43 mins a day (Male) 225 22 13.75
43 mins a day (Female) 215 22 16.27

That’s all well and good, but assuming this revolution does take hold, the gyms and running tracks close down, and Pokémon GO is our only source of exercise - what then? Here’s how we’ll plan our training programmes in the future, based on daily Pokémon:

Pokemon/day Days to lose a pound (Male) Days to lose a pound (Female)
10 29.6 35.0
20 14.8 17.5
30 9.9 11.7
40 7.4 8.8
50 5.9 7.0
60 4.9 5.8
70 4.2 5.0
80 3.7 4.4
90 3.3 3.9
100 3.0 3.5

Note: this is based on 1lb being equivalent to 3500 calories burnt. It’s also based on 10 Pokémon per mile. Pokémon density may vary.

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