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How Much Do Your Boobs Weigh? [Infographic]

How Much Do Your Boobs Weigh?

Cosmetic Surgery Guru has put together the very breast of British on a stunning new infographic which details the way the nation feels about its boobs – and, more importantly, just how big they are.

The leading cosmetic surgery blog has put together a whole host of interesting facts about the UK’s chests, from average bra size to the pet names we give our boobs, displaying them in a handy infographic format.

The weight of boobs varies considerably across the UK.

Bra-Sizes Across The UK

First and foremost, it reveals the average bra-size of the UK, both nationally and locally. Overall, it’s a shapely 34D. But it varies depending on where you go throughout the nation. Unlike their football team, Liverpool’s women are top of the table… when it comes to bra size, that is, clocking in at 34DD.

Women from Edinburgh, Manchester, Leeds and Swansea aren’t too far behind them, with Brighton, Bristol, Coventry, Belfast and Sheffield completing the top 10. Ladies in Aberdeen, Plymouth and Southampton were found at the bottom of the table, with their average boob size ranging from 34B to 32A. Interestingly, men and women agree that a C-cup is the ideal size.

But what does all this mean in real terms? The infographic takes all the information, digests it and makes it really easy to understand.

Hooters, Tits & Melons

For example, did you know that the average natural B-cup pair weigh the same as 33 and a half blue tits – or 43 and a half if the boobs have been cosmetically enhanced with breast implants? Or that C-cup women are carrying out 8/9ths of a hooter (that’s an owl to me and you, thanks to the guys at OwlPages.com)? If you’ve got a D-cup, you’re carrying around 2/7ths of a coconut if they’re natural or 3/7ths if you’ve had the cosmetic surgery procedure known as a boob job. And if you’ve ever referred to your boobs as your melons and you’ve got a pair of DDs, you’re not far wrong – they’ll weigh around 7/9ths of a watermelon with implants, 6/9ths au natural.

Knockers, Baps & Funbags

So how does the nation feel about these boobs? Well, some 63 per cent of Britons admit they’d like bigger boobs, while three in four believe they can tell the difference between natural boobs or those that have had implants. And we’ve got a whole array of pet names for our breasts, from the old favourites (funbags, knockers, baps) to the little more leftfield (milk bombs, dairy pillows, baby feeders).

This post was faithfully recreated and reproduced from CosmeticSurgeryGuru.com.