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National Eye Health Week

Keep an Eye on Your Health

Now in its fifth year, National Eye Health Week is back on 22-28 September with the aim of raising awareness and promoting the importance of healthy eyes. Hundreds of eye care organisations and charities across the country will be coming together to inform and educate the British public on general eye health and the need for regular eye tests.

According to the RNIB, over half of all sight loss in the UK is preventable. Even if you have perfect vision and don’t need to wear glasses, you should still have an eye test once every two years. This is because a routine eye examination can detect the early signs of underlying health problems such as glaucoma, cataracts, high blood pressure and even diabetes. Some of these conditions have no symptoms and can lead to vision loss, but the earlier they are diagnosed, the easier they are to treat.

With some guidance from surgeons at Moorfields Eye Hospital, the team here at Clinic Compare produced this infographic giving you some top tips and facts on keeping your eyes healthy. Remember, most eye conditions are treatable. Look after your eyes and book an eye examination at your local opticians once every two years.

National Eye Health Week - Keep an eye on your health