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Which Country Spends The Most On Cosmetic Surgery? (No, It’s Not America)

A quick article on global cosmetic surgery trends. In past articles we’ve discussed the UK and US cosmetic scenes, but this time we take a look down under…


The man/woman on the street would guess America – home to Hollywood, Los Angeles and Vegas – is leading the way when it comes to cosmetic surgery. In gross terms this is true: 13.8 million cosmetic procedures were performed in US clinics in 2011, but it’s actually Australia – motherland of the kangaroo, the corky hat and the un-glamorous, crocodile hunting Steve Irwin – who spend the most per head on altering their appearance.


America spends $33k per thousand people. Australia spends $45.5k per thousand people, ie: 38% more than America. The top procedures were roughly the same for Australia as the US and UK for both women and men. Breast enlargements and reductions, liposuction and abdominoplasty (tummy tucks), rhinoplasty (nose jobs) and blepharoplasty (eyelid alteration) are proven to be the most popular cosmetic procedures in all three countries.

Great galloping goannas!

The study was carried out by Costhetics, an Australian cosmetic surgery specialist. Its co-founder Louisa McKay says, “It could be that Australians just aren’t hurting financially as much as Americans… Another possibility is the harsh sunlight Australians contend with, which has a significant effect on the ageing process, increasing the appearance of wrinkles and sun damaged skin… Or perhaps it’s just that Australians are more vain…”
Or the answer could be a combination of the three…